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digital mortgage

Save time and reach more customers

It pays to build a cutting-edge digital mortgage experience. Consumers today are accustomed to simple, digital interactions, and lenders who upgrade their mortgage solutions to match have a leg up on competitors.

How technology simplifies digital mortgage lending

Technology enables scale. Digital-first lenders are able to navigate the highs and lows of the housing market with fewer negative impacts and increased efficiency of business operations.

With open banking, the paper chase and multiple phone calls or email requests to the borrower are replaced with real-time, accurate data that the customer provides via their own consent.

Borrowers can permission their accounts and focus on what’s important to them. Lenders can refresh the data as needed in their digital mortgage platforms. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Our mortgage verification reports include:

digital mortgage asset verification

Asset Verification

Our asset verification reports are easy to read and deliver a comprehensive picture of a borrower’s bank account and assets.

digital mortgage income verification

Income Verification

We provide the income data you need in an accessible, simple report that includes income streams and 12 to 24 months of transaction data.

digital mortgage employment verification

Employment Verification

Our employment verification reports give you all the real-time financial data you need from multiple sources and service providers.

Advantages to using a digital mortgage process

Save time and money

Using digital methods can cut at least eight days from the origination process. Faster processing times mean savings on the total expenditure on closing a loan—and the cost to close a loan rises every year.

Data quality and security

We convey data straight from the bank account, leaving less room for human error or fraud. This way, the consumer gets the best interest rate for their money and lenders can rest easy with reduced risk.

Better customer experiences

Customers can provide all the needed documentation through a single application. Our mobile-first Connect experience allows them to complete the process anytime, anywhere.

Streamline processes

Direct API connections to bank accounts enable loan officers to process more loans than ever before, cutting out the tedium of manual verifications entirely. They can also grow the pool of potential borrowers with analytics that reveal good financial habits that may have gone unnoticed with legacy decisioning models.

We stand out so you can stand out

We work hard to stand out from among other mortgage verification solutions so that you can stand out from among your competitors. With our solution you’ll get:

Direct Data Sources

Get access to our broad FI coverage and secure oAuth connections. That means higher reliability and greater data quality.

Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) status

Our position as a CRA can empower borrowers with the ability to view and dispute verification reports.

Adoption Best Practices

We understand that adopting digital solutions isn’t always as simple as clicking, “Gather income and employment information.” We provide adoption best practices, resources and training so you can get the most out of our verification solutions and maximize your ROI.

MVS One-Touch Verification

We deliver assets, income, and employment verifications through one process that can involve as little as a single engagement experience with the borrower.

GSE Acceptance

We want to make the validation process with GSEs and investors as smooth as possible for mortgage lenders. Our income and employment verification is GSE-accepted and delivers the data quality necessary for loan validation.

Consumer-first Experience

Enable consumer permissioning with Connect, a fast, secure and transparent data permissioning experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a digital mortgage different from a regular one?

Traditionally, the mortgage application process has been conducted on paper, involving much time and effort on both the borrower’s and the lender’s parts. A digital mortgage allows a borrower to simply give their consent to a lender to view their financial data and verify their income, assets and employment status.

Do traditional banks offer digital mortgages?

Yes. More trusted financial institutions like brick-and-mortar banks and credit unions are adopting digital mortgage technology by the day, enabling them to provide a digital experience to their current customers.

Are digital mortgages cheaper?

The adoption of open banking-enabled digital mortgage technology allows lenders to both save time and gain a more complete picture of a borrower’s finances, resulting in cash savings or even an increase in approval rates for customers.

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