Verification of Employment

Mortgage Employment Verification Made Easy

Picture this: you verify that your borrower can make payments on their mortgage loan without calling the employer. You verify anyone’s income and employment in minutes, whether their company uses direct deposit or a payroll provider. Need to verify using a paystub? Minutes. No phone tag necessary. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Not with Finicity’s Mortgage Verification Service income and employment verification.

Mortgage Employment & Asset Verification Services, Solutions, and APIs - Software & App Screenshot

See the Whole Picture with MVS Income and Employment Verification

Ditching the paper chase and phone tag is great, but you still need an accurate report of your borrowers’ income and employment to effectively assess risk and ensure they can reliably make payments. Our easy-to-read income and employment verification reports give you all the real-time financial data you need, even from multiple data sources. And it’s faster and more secure than traditional paper reports.