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Mortgage employment verification

Mortgage employment verification made easy

Picture this: You verify that your borrower can make payments on their mortgage loan without calling the employer. You verify anyone’s income and employment in minutes, whether their company uses direct deposit or a payroll provider. Need to verify using a paystub? Minutes. No phone tag or paper chases required.

See the whole picture with MVS income and employment verification

Ditching the paper chase and phone tag is great, but you still need an accurate report of your borrowers’ income and employment to effectively assess risk and ensure they can reliably make payments. Our easy-to-read income and employment verification reports give you all the real-time financial data you need, even from multiple data sources and service providers. And it’s faster and more secure than traditional paper reports.

Mortgage employment verification illustration

Our income and employment verification reports include:

Income icon

Income stream verified as active

Paystub list icon

Paystub details, including earnings, deductions and more

Deposit checkmark icon

Matching direct deposits and matching deposit streams

Verified icon

Verified employer and secondary employers or deposit streams

Revolutionize mortgage lending with digital employment verification

Our employment verification puts the borrower at the center of the mortgage application process. After all, they’re making one of the most significant purchases of their lives. We want to make buying a home as easy a process as possible for the borrower and as rewarding as possible for mortgage lenders.

Gather deeper insights with confidence rankings, via our advanced data intelligence, for each income stream.

Get long-term insights from multiple sources into a borrower’s income situation.

Enhance decisioning with real-time income data that delivers a more accurate, complete view of a borrower’s income flow.

Meet demand for digital, consumer-centric experiences that satisfy borrowers and enhance the mortgage origination workflow.

We stand out so you can stand out

We work hard to stand out from other mortgage verification solutions so that you can stand out from among your competitors. With our solution you’ll get:

Direct Data Sources

We own and manage 100% of the connections to data sources. Get access to our broad FI coverage and secure oAuth connections. That means higher reliability and greater data quality.

Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)

Finicity is a registered CRA, which means we follow strict guidelines to guarantee data quality and security. Our position as a CRA can also empower borrowers with the ability to view and dispute verification reports.

Adoption Best Practices

Since we understand that adopting digital solutions isn’t always as simple as clicking “Gather employment information,” we provide adoption best practices resources and training so you can get the most out of our income and employment verification and maximize your ROI.

MVS One-Touch Verification

You’ll need to verify more than employment information to make an accurate risk assessment and move along your next home loan. MVS delivers assets, income, and employment verifications through one process that can involve as little as a single engagement experience with the borrower.

GSE Acceptance

We want to make the validation process with GSEs and investors as smooth as possible for mortgage lenders. Our income and employment verification is GSE-accepted and delivers the data quality necessary for loan validation.

Consumer-first Experience

Enable consumer permissioning with Finicity Connect, a fast, secure, and transparent data permissioning experience.

Ready to try tomorrow’s asset verification experience?

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