Finicity is part of the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform provides the financial data you need.

Open banking for Business

Next-gen business account data, analytics and predictive insights

Make your small and medium business (SMB) services smoother and smarter

Increase customer acquisition, improve operational efficiencies and decrease risk. Your SMB customers can benefit from frictionless, convenient, secure access to the financial services they need to power their enterprises.

Open banking for business: account opening, lending, financial management, B2B ACH

Customers Using Our Solutions

Better data. Better results.

Mastercard open banking solutions for SMB service providers can help give business owners better access to the capital they need to start, run and grow their businesses. Transform Main Street with accurate, real-time, user-permissioned data. 

Real-time business account data

  • View transactions and statements from up to 24 months  
  • Verify an account balance before funding, payment or account setup 
  • Validate business bank account details and account ownership 

Rich cash flow and balance analytics

  • A clear cash flow analysis of credits, debits and balances 
  • Up to 24 months of rich cash flow attributes and insights into a borrower’s liquidity and revenue streams 
  • Historical balances up to 24 months

Predictive analytics into future behavior

  • Predict the probability that a small business will experience a payment risk event (NSF, missed recurring payment, etc.) in the future  
  • Detailed, historical view of payment trends and insights for financial forecasting 

Experience it

See how open banking enables a better experience for. your SMB customers

Key Benefits

Leverage our extensive business account coverage to gain real-time visibility into your customers’ financial health, approve more applications confidently, and lower costs—all with the trust and support you can count on from Mastercard.

business API for lending, analytics , B2B ACH payments and financial management

Open Banking APIs for Business

Check out our APIs for SMB lending with cash flow, analytics and insights that you can use for forecasting, lending, management, bookkeeping or expense reporting. Learn more with our docs or sign up and get started testing our APIs today.

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