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Student Loan data

Easier than an open-book quiz

Today’s student loan ecosystem is filled with forms, phone calls, paper records, manual processing, and a lack of standardization between financial institutions and servicers. Digital-hungry customers expect an automated, seamless process when it comes to their student loan data.

Fast and easy experiences

Don’t let the dreaded paper chase stand in the way of access to customer-permissioned student loan data and payment details. Now, thanks to our student loan API solutions, the management of your service is simple and fast. And it’s all fueled by our award-winning data access and insights APIs, so you know you’re working with the best data.

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What data is delivered?

Account info icon

Account information

Student loan payment icon

Loan payment details

Verification reports icon

Verification reports

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Key Benefits

  1. Increased accuracy
  2. Enhanced security
  3. Streamlined digital experience

Now imagine what you can do

It’s not just about possessing the best data and insights—it’s about having a platform to innovate, transform and create.

  • Increase borrower engagement and control
  • Speed up time to complete program forms and loan close
  • Reduce fraud and increase accuracy
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Better quality funnel management
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Identify and validate loan payment details with 10-day future payoff for repayment, refinancing, or consolidation

Return tuition overpayments to students faster

Track loan payments with transactions and repayment details including due date and amount due

Mortgage API - borrower income, assets, and employment verification

Student loan data & payment API

Loan payment details API

Check out our loan payment details API that includes student loans and many other loan types. Get started and test our APIs or view our documentation at Mastercard Developers.

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