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Consumer Portal

What is the Consumer Portal?

The Consumer Portal is Finicity’s online repository where consumers can access, view, and dispute the consumer reports Finicity has released about them. Click here to visit the Consumer Portal.

Why Do I Have to Create an Account?

Finicity takes steps to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. You are required to create an account so we can verify your identity. Creating an account with Finicity is free and permits you access to your consumer reports 24/7. Any information provided during account creation will be used for security purposes and account maintenance only.

What Will I Find in the Consumer Portal?

If any consumer reports have been prepared about you within the past 5 years, they can be viewed through the Consumer Portal. You can download, print, and retain them for your records.

If you believe that there are inaccuracies in your consumer reports, you may also submit a dispute through the Consumer Portal. A dispute history log will be available to consumers with details from past and current disputes they have submitted online.

Why Don’t I Have Reports in the Consumer Portal?

Unlike other Consumer Reporting Agencies, Finicity only issues a consumer report when you have connected to Finicity through a third-party you are doing business with (such as your bank when seeking a loan). If you have never connected to Finicity, no consumer reports will be found.

How Can I Dispute My Report?

A consumer report can be disputed in our Consumer Portal here. You can also submit a dispute by mail by navigating to our mail dispute form. Please refer to our dispute guidance page here for more information on our dispute submission process.

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