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payment Success Indicator

Open banking.
Settlement confidence.

Real-time payment analysis and risk assessment from account data insights. Indicates the optimal timing for processing payments today and up to 9 days in the future.

Avoid delays, holds, and fees and achieve the highest likelihood of success.

What data is delivered?

Account balance graph icon

Current account balance

Score icon

Composite score and settlement likelihood indicator

Weighted score icon

Weighted reasons contributing to the scores

Checkbox icon

Indicators and scoring across a 10 day period

Key benefits

We provide maximum connection reliability and high-quality data with always-on, always-there support capabilities.

  1. Reduce the risk of a failed payment due to non-sufficient funds: Payment Success Indicator forecasts your consumers’ likelihood over a 10-day period to have sufficient funds to successfully settle their payments leveraging the power of open banking and AI.
  2. Better Onboarding Experience: Set up is a seamless part of your checkout experience through a single sign-up process leveraging bank account login credentials instead of manually entering account and routing numbers.
  3. One-Stop Data Solution: Combine elements of the smart payment decisioning suite with other open banking solutions on Finicity’s platform.

Now imagine what you can do

It’s not just about the best data and insights. It’s about having a platform to innovate, transform and create. 

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Payment insights and decisioning

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Smart payment decisioning tools and ACH processing API

Check out our payment processing and payment risk assessment API. Get started and test our APIs or view our documentation at Mastercard Developers.

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