Finicity is part of the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform provides the financial data you need.

Scoring Attributes

Consumer-permissioned data for a more accurate credit score

Financial inclusion just got easier.

This is the era of consumer empowerment

We developed a platform that allows customers to benefit from using their financial data and improve their financial lives.

Scoring Attributes Includes


Home Phone

Mobile Phone

TV and Streaming Services

Key Benefits

  1. Better risk management and assessment
  2. Smarter decision-making
  3. Smoother customer experiences

Now imagine what you can do

It’s not just about possessing the best data and insights—it’s about having a platform to innovate, transform and create.

Evolve to next-gen decisioning

Build smoother customer experiences

Can improve individuals’ credit scores

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Certain open banking solutions are provided by Finicity, a Mastercard company.