Finicity is part of the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform provides the financial data you need.

Connect for a better experience

See how to implement our Connect SDKs

Consumers easily permission data from their financial accounts with Connect. Shorten the time it takes to verify account details, monitor balances or create verification reports.

Why choose Connect?

Better Experience

Connect makes the consumer permissioning process super simple and super fast. The data you need to provide the service they want is just seconds away.

Better Data

Through Connect, we link to the vast majority of financial institutions. And we’ve built our reputation on the quality of the data we provide.

Better Control

Consumers are always in control. They select the financial institutions. They select the specific accounts. And they select who they want to have access—that’s you.

Open banking


For clients who want a complete experience out of the box that offers customizable branding for you and your service.

Connect Lite

For clients needing a highly customized Connect experience. Clients build their branding, copy, flow and other elements. 

Now imagine what you can do

It’s not just about the best data and insights. (Though we got your back.) It’s about having a platform to innovate, transform and create.

Payment enablement

Lending, credit decisioning

Account opening & funding

SMB services

Mortgage API - borrower income, assets, and employment verification

Open banking & consumer-permissioned data platform

Connect open banking permissioning API

Check out our Connect widget used for account permissioning and enhanced user experience. Get started and test our APIs or view our documentation at Mastercard Developers.

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