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Consumer Reporting Agency

Protect your customer. Protect yourself.

If you have applied for credit and your lender uses Finicity Reports in their credit decisioning process, you gave permission for reports to be created. You can view your reports here. If you find inaccuracies in your report you can submit a dispute here.

Finicity is a registered Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). What does this mean for you?

Today’s digital consumers are more connected and thus more empowered than ever.

Central to financial success is further empowerment of the consumer. If you’re using consumer-permissioned data for credit decisioning solutions, you need to be using data from a CRA . If you’re not, you’re just exposing yourself to future risk. We do this by giving consumers more control, access and insight over their financial data along with dispute and disclosure processes to further protect them.

Developing win-win relationships

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) ensures transparency and consumer control of the data sharing process. We maintain the highest level of regulatory compliance—the type of compliance that other data providers won’t tackle.

Whether it’s financial institutions, consumers, industry regulators or other industry players we work to drive to a common goal—winning in the marketplace and consumer empowerment. That means lowered risk for our partners and even better data. That’s good news for you and for your customers.

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Giving consumers a voice

As a CRA, we give consumers a voice. This makes Finicity a consumer-friendly data access and insights provider. Our Consumer Portal makes it easy for them to view their reports and file disputes.

Why not choose the best?

By the way, many data aggregators will say they comply with FCRA guidelines without being a registered CRA. We gladly undergo external auditing and reviews to increase security, ensure compliance and enhance our data.

Certain open banking solutions are provided by Finicity, a Mastercard company.