Finicity is part of the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform provides the financial data you need.

Account History

Crystal-clear views of the financial past

Account aggregation just got easier.

All the data to help your consumers make the best financial decisions

We deliver up to two years of transaction and account history as a one-time API pull, providing an instant window into critical financial records.

Account history screenshots

Data includes:

Account deposits history icon

Income deposits and two-year history

Expense history categorization icon

Expense categorization

Merchant name icon

Normalized merchant name

Transaction history descriptions icon

Transaction descriptions

Account balance history icon

Account balances

Key benefits

We provide maximum connection reliability and high-quality data with always-on, always-there support capabilities.

  1. Rich view into historical finances
  2. Simple customer experience
  3. All the transaction data elements you need
Consumer interacting with mobile device - key benefits of account history aggregation

Now imagine what you can do

It’s not just about the best data and insights. It’s about having a platform to innovate, transform and create.

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Add history for greater accuracy and insights

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Get service up to speed quickly with up to 24 months of data

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Retrieve transaction details for rewards, accounting and expense tracking

Mortgage API - borrower income, assets, and employment verification

Account history & account aggregation API

Account history and account aggregation API

Check out our account history and account aggregation API that includes an account’s bank transaction history. Get started and test our APIs or view our documentation at Mastercard Developers.

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