Finicity is part of the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform provides the financial data you need.

Secure Account Opening and Funding

Instant verification. Instant experiences.

Account opening should take seconds, but issues like manual uploads and microdeposits add delays. Open banking introduces new ways to instantly verify account ownership and details for better onboarding experiences.

Onboard more verified customers in real time

With a single API call, confirm account owners and validate that data against network-based identity insights.

Onboard confidently

As consumers contend with in-person restrictions, the demand for digital financial services grows. Secure account opening and funding are no longer niche services for the tech-savvy but mass-market expectations.

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Verify ownership and authenticate account credentials:

Account details icon

Account Details

Account owner icon

Account Owner Verification

Income verification icon

Income Verification

Account balance icon

Account Balance

Next-gen business account opening

Leverage Mastercard’s open banking data and analytics solutions designed specifically for small to medium-sized business (SMB) service providers. We’re helping streamline processes and mitigate risk with accurate, user-permissioned, real-time insights. 

Key benefits

Our real-time snapshots of consumer-permissioned data can help mitigate fraud risk, enable onboarding, maintain compliance and help you fund accounts with more confidence.

  1. We’re a preferred partner of Nacha and not only satisfy but exceed Nacha’s WEB Debit Rule ensuring reliable ACH payments.
  2. Verify identity elements for identifying good customers and mitigating fraud.
  3. No more wondering if an account has changed. Our real-time validation delivers the most up-to-date and accurate data.
  4. Balance check helps with payment success and avoiding fees.
  5. Where micro-deposits and pre-notifications could take days, our solutions can verify accounts in seconds.
Consumer interacting with mobile device - key benefits of secure account opening & onboarding
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Seamless user experience

Consumers easily permission data from their bank accounts with Finicity Connect. We do the rest, delivering the financial data you need to enhance your customer’s new financial experience.

Mortgage API - borrower income, assets, and employment verification

Bank account verification API for secure account opening and onboarding

Account owner verification API

Check out our APIs for account owner verification and bank account verification for use in onboarding and opening new accounts. Get started and test our APIs or view our documentation at Mastercard Developers.

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