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mortgage asset verification

A winning asset verification experience

Borrowers want to buy a home. Mortgage lenders need to ensure that they can and that a rainy day doesn’t wash away a borrower’s ability to repay a home loan. That’s what makes mortgage asset verification a must-have for mortgage lending, and it’s why asset verification is a key part of our MVS solution: so you can lend seamlessly and confidently.

See the whole picture with MVS asset verification

Our asset verification reports are easy to read and deliver a comprehensive picture of a borrower’s bank account assets. With real-time financial data, accurately assess risk by knowing for certain whether a borrower has enough for their down payment or make their payments if an emergency cuts off their income. And the best part: it all happens digitally. No more paper bank statements. No more hassle.

Mortgage asset verification chart - checking, savings, investments

Our asset verification reports include:

Account owner icon

Account owner(s), address, account Type and Location

Balances icon

Current, two- and six-month average balances

Transactions icon

180 days of validated transactions

Customizable icon

Customizable date range and summary by bank account

ID icon

Report ID and sending to GSE for validation

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Revolutionize mortgage lending with digital asset verification

Our asset verification puts the borrower at the center of the mortgage application process. After all, they’re making one of the most significant purchases of their lives. We want to make buying a home as easy a process as possible for the borrower and as rewarding as possible for mortgage lenders. Here’s how we do it:

Mitigate fraud, increase accuracy, and enhance risk assessment with real-time asset information direct from financial institutions, and always stay up-to-date with unlimited report refreshes for 60 days.

Accelerate digital transformation and stay ahead of the competition, while meeting and exceeding the expectations of today’s digital consumers.

Become eligible for rep and warranty relief thanks to verifications being accepted by Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty and Freddie Mac AIM programs.

Better manage customer conversion funnel with a consumer-centric, digital process that distinguishes your organization and attracts and engages more prospective customers.

We stand out so you can stand out

We work hard to stand out from among other mortgage verification solutions so that you can stand out from among your competitors. With our solution you’ll get:

Direct Data Sources

We own and manage 100% of the connections to data sources. Get access to our broad FI coverage and secure oAuth connections. That means higher reliability and greater data quality.

Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)

Finicity is a registered CRA, which means we follow strict guidelines to guarantee data quality and security. Our position as a CRA can also empower borrowers with the ability to view and dispute verification reports.

Adoption Best Practices

Since we understand that adopting digital solutions isn’t always as simple as clicking, “Gather employment information,” we provide adoption best practices resources and training so you can get the most out of our income and employment verification and maximize your ROI.

MVS One-Touch Verification

You’ll need to verify more than employment information to make an accurate risk assessment and move along your next home loan. MVS delivers assets, income, and employment verifications through one process that can involve as little as a single engagement experience with the borrower.

GSE Acceptance

We want to make the validation process with GSEs and investors as smooth as possible for mortgage lenders. Our income and employment verification is GSE-accepted and delivers the data quality necessary for loan validation.

Consumer-first Experience

Enable consumer permissioning with Finicity Connect, a fast, secure and transparent data permissioning experience.

Ready to try tomorrow’s asset verification experience?

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