Finicity is part of the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform provides the financial data you need.

Smarter, better lending experiences

Everything you need in one place. Finicity Reports simplifies the lending workflow by enabling loan officers to request and manage verification reports for their borrowers through a secure and easy-to-use online portal.





All the real-time, bank-validated insights you need to make the best decisions, delivered in seconds.


Give us 30 seconds and we’ll give you up to two years of income history. Filter that through our data intelligence and you’ve got identified income streams ranked with confidence scores. It’s pretty remarkable.


No more phone calls to employers. In just a few minutes, you’ve got all the information you need, courtesy of the best data access and insights around.

When you request a verification report for assets, income or employment, a communication is automatically generated and sent to the borrower for them to quickly and securely permission the use of their data. You’ll manage all your verification requests and borrower reports here in this portal. All communications to your customer can be lender-branded.

Data as it should be

Consumer-permissioned and straight from the source

Verify simply

Manage all your
requests through a
single portal


Lending where the
consumer comes first

Do more

Using a core
aggregator means
better connections
and better data

Better insights for smarter lending decisions.

As a leader in mortgage lending we have demonstrated our ability to provide better, more accurate data for any lending decision.

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Certain open banking solutions are provided by Finicity, a Mastercard company.