Digital Journal interviews Finicity co-founder and CEO Steve Smith about Finicity’s new Verification of Income and Employment solution. Steve explains how the new digital verification solution works and how it improves on legacy VOIE solutions. He shares the nuts and bolts of how this solution shaves an average of 12-14 days off the verification process and delivers a success rate that is three times higher than legacy options. Read the full Q&A on Digital Journal.

HousingWire interviews Steve Smith, 2018 Vanguard award winner and CEO of Finicity, about his views on the challenges facing the lending industry. Steve discusses how being consumer-centric drives business success, how digitization can reduce lending friction points, and the best first steps for going digital. Read the full story on HousingWire.

Steve Smith, Finicity CEO and co-founder, calls for increased financial inclusion that makes it possible for “credit invisible” borrowers to engage with financial services. Central to this is rethinking credit scoring models and tapping into secured consumer-permissioned data to give lenders a clearer picture of creditworthiness. Read the full article here or in the September issue of Scotsman Guide.

Nick Thomas, Finicity co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, chats with FinTech Newscast on episode 55 of their podcast. They discuss best-practices for working with consumer-permissioned data, including security and consumer access, while fostering innovation and growth. You can listen to the episode here.

Finicity CEO Steve Smith discusses simple digitization steps that lenders can take to boost mortgage applications even in the face of rising interest rates. Lending apps, a digital lending experience, and expanded financial data are key. Read the full article at National Mortgage News.

Finicity CEO Steve Smith provides ways lenders can improve applications and ultimately close more mortgages by taking advantage of digital solutions the improve the mortgage process from start to finish. Read the whole article at HousingWire or in the August issue of HW Magazine.

Finicity CEO Steve Smith discusses growing digital expectations for mortgage lending and how lenders can deliver what their borrowers expect today and into the future. Read the whole article at National Mortgage News.

Finicity Chairman, CEO and co-founder Steve Smith discusses consumer-permissioned data, its use in the mortgage industry and how lenders can take advantage of it to stay ahead of the market and build value. Read the full Q&A here.

Finicity CEO Steve Smith explained to World Finance reporter Courtney Goldmsith how technology is erasing traditional blockers to financial access. Digital tools have made it easier for unbanked consumers using just their mobile phones to open bank accounts and access lower-cost credit. You can read more here.

In this podcast, Silicon Slopes Director of Operations Garrett Clark and Finicity CEO Steve Smith discuss the early years of Finicity, what makes for good workplace culture, the fintech industry, mortgage lending, digitization, financial inclusion and how Finicity’s solutions empower consumers to use their financial data to make better financial decisions. Listen to the entire podcast here.