credit decisioning

Finicity’s open banking platform delivers consumer-permissioned data, the foundation of a more comprehensive, more accurate risk assessment. Lenders need to enhance their assessment capabilities in order to remedy these five problems in today’s credit decisioning market:

  • Traditional credit scoring is a lagging indicator of financial health
  • Credit scores do not follow individuals across borders
  • 62 million Americans have a thin credit file or are credit invisible
  • Millennials are lagging behind other generations in building credit
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed problems with traditional credit scoring

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Open banking data augments the foundation of credit histories and credit scores by providing real-time insights into cash flow, stable income and the actual room in someone’s monthly budget to afford a loan or a new purchase.

Millions of Americans have thin credit files meaning they don’t have enough data in the credit bureaus to even create a score. By looking at data from their bank account, lenders can determine if they are able to to pay back a loan based on income and expenses, not the lack of data.

Above all, consumer-permissioned data helps to empower consumers with control over their data, access to better financial products and a simple way to connect with fintech apps or financial services.

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