Andy Sheehan talked with National Mortgage News’ Paul Centopani about the digital adaptation lenders are going through because of coronavirus. Read about how Finicity is helping lenders see a positive impact in these unique times.

Finicity President and CTO Nick Thomas talks with HousingWire’s Debbie Hoffman about where the mortgage, fintech and financial services industries are headed when it comes to digital identity on the blockchain. Read about how Finicity is prepping for a digital future that’s yet to be written.

Informative Research now offers Finicity’s full digital verification suite of products: assets, income and employment. Our VOA, VOI and VOIE solutions can now help lenders at every step of the loan cycle.

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For the third consecutive year, Finicity has been named to the HousingWire Tech100 Mortgage list. The list includes companies who are the most innovative in the U.S housing economy. Finicity simplifies the mortgage process for lenders and borrowers with digital verification of assets, income and employment.  Read more about Finicity or view the entire mortgage list.

Finicity CEO Steve Smith discusses what Utah’s canyons, ski resorts and recreation opportunities have meant to the growing fintech and technology industries as well as what needs to happen in the future to make sure it’s still a draw and not a hindrance. Read his and other’s thoughts on connecting Utah’s ski resorts.

Finicity CEO Steve Smith, writing for the Scotsman Guide, describes the benefits of a truly digital income and employment verification that flips the expectation of succes in the industry. Income and employment are the two key elements that demonstrate a borrower’s ability to manage and repay a loan. Extracting data from paystubs and matching it with permissioned bank account data results in a high-value data for lenders and much higher success rates than existing solutions. It also provides a better experience for borrowers.

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Steve Smith, Finicity CEO and co-founder, shares his thoughts on five key requirements that financial services providers need to emphasize to truly empower customers in this article entitled, “Financial Services Can Secure Innovation by Focusing on Trust.” He focuses on control, access, transparency, traceability and security and calls for an industry-wide commitment to enhancing each of these within the data sharing space. Read the full article here on Forbes.

Andy Sheehan, President and COO at Finicity, chats with Kevin Kauffman on episode 3 of season 2 of Home Starts Here, Freddie Mac’s mortgage industry podcast. Broadcast live from the 2019 MBA Annual event in Austin, Texas, this episode focuses on loan repayment. Andy and Kevin discuss how Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor® asset and income modeler (AIM) facilitates this critical repayment and best practices for automating borrower capacity. Listen to the full episode here.

Steve Smith, Finicity co-founder and CEO, chats with John Siracusa on episode 266 of the Bank on It podcast. They discuss fintech and financial services topics, digging into the stories behind those companies leading the industry into the future. You can listen to the episode here.

Digital Journal interviews Finicity co-founder and CEO Steve Smith about Finicity’s new Verification of Income and Employment solution. Steve explains how the new digital verification solution works and how it improves on legacy VOIE solutions. He shares the nuts and bolts of how this solution shaves an average of 12-14 days off the verification process and delivers a success rate that is three times higher than legacy options. Read the full Q&A on Digital Journal.