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Your process saves paper— does it save time?

Lenders want better information and borrowers want a better experience. Our real-time income and employment verification software and services give you up to 24 months of accurate income history in as few as 30 seconds.

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Income verification APIs for a better user experience

Income verification processes can be intimidating. Finicity’s income verification API offers a path to securing happier customers, more time to do your job and a higher overall ROI for any of your income verification needs:

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Key Benefits

Finicity income verification helps you digitally verify income whenever you need it simply and quickly without extra documents.

  1. Reduce friction for mortgage seekers making a pivotal life decision.
  2. Clear stipulations and create return customers for auto loans.
  3. Create analytics-informed credit decisioning models.
  4. Mitigate risk, broaden your customer base and attain financial inclusion.
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