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Finicity Launches Facade API for Intuit Developer Group

Intuit names Finicity choice data aggregation provider for seamless API integration

Finicity, an industry leading user-permissioned financial data access platform, launched today its Facade API in partnership with the Intuit Developer Group. The Facade API serves as a true replica of Intuit’s Financial Data API, allowing developers to easily migrate their data aggregation services from Intuit to Finicity.

Finicity understands the importance of financial data aggregation to Intuit products and third-party applications alike, which is why the leading data aggregator created the Facade API to minimize code changes and ease the transition for developers. The Facade API will translate Intuit-structured API calls into Finicity-structured API calls, so the only change developers must make is to begin calling the new Finicity endpoint and re-authenticate their users.

“The entire Finicity team is working tirelessly to complete a smooth transition from the Financial Data API for Intuit CAD Developers,” said Nick Thomas, president and co-founder of Finicity. “The Intuit developer community continues to drive digital financial innovation and we’re thrilled to provide the data aggregation tools needed for continued business success.”

In addition to the Facade API for Intuit, Finicity continues to be a provider of API services for account aggregation, cash-flow verification and account-ownership verification. The leading financial data aggregator is also the maker of the TxPUSH API, which makes it easier for developers to use the Finicity API platform to receive account and transaction data instantly.

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