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Tapping into Open Banking to Identify, Manage and Prevent Identity Fraud in Account Opening

Today’s consumers’ expectations for their financial interactions are changing. They require a digitally native, seamless, consistent, instantaneous experience with their financial provider right from the get-go. No longer are they willing to wait several days for identity verifications or for microdeposits to clear to start using their account.  

Yet, we know that everyday bad actors are finding new ways to break the system. As more people and businesses enter the digital economy, it’s critical that we keep them secure across all touchpoints with their accounts and beyond. Financial Institutions must protect their customers’ accounts from fraud to ultimately drive primacy, grow deposits and encourage top of wallet behaviors, thus helping them recoup the estimated $450 average cost of acquisition

Open banking is the thread connecting the ecosystem to make account opening faster, secure, and more frictionless. 

Here’s a common scenario that financial institutions deal with on a daily basis:  

What is the ecosystem doing about it? 

New rules and guidelines are being published by Nacha – operator of ACH payments – that introduce additional risk management frameworks for ACH senders, as well as recipients. Ecosystem participants such as merchants, ecommerce platforms, lenders, and insurance providers may be required to include account verification and identity verification, multi-factor authentication, velocity tracking and KYC/KYB improvements. Mastercard is a Nacha Preferred Partner for Compliance and Risk and Fraud Prevention with a focus on account validation. 

In addition to more thorough fraud checks being conducted by originators, receivers now also must participate in fraud monitoring and flagging to reduce risk. In the above example, Acmebank, the receiving financial institution, will also need to perform additional fraud checks.  

What can you do? 

Mastercard Open Banking helps financial institutions identify, manage and tackle fraud risk on an ongoing basis.  Examples of our solutions include instant account details verification, device and identity verification. When used in conjunction with other customer fraud solutions, they help secure interactions that consumers have with their financial provider. 

Last year, Mastercard debuted Open Banking Identity Verification for the U.S. market and continues to invest in additional functionality that leverage our extensive fraud and identity networks. Before initiating a transaction, financial institutions can verify a number of factors, including: 

Beyond Open Banking Identity Verification, Mastercard offers services to streamline account funding, including:  

Now let’s look the journey again with our solutions: 

account opening experience summary

Get ahead and get prepared! Check out Mastercard Open Banking developer’s page for technical documentation or reach out to your Mastercard representatives to learn more.