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Finicity Mortgage Verification Service: The Smart, Simple Mortgage Verification Experience

The mortgage application process should be easier. It should be more accurate. It should involve less risk and less fraud. It shouldn’t be a slog for borrowers or for lenders. It should be as convenient and streamlined as we’ve come to expect from other modernized, digital experiences. 

Transforming the entire underwriting process is a massive undertaking. And while Finicity already provides solutions across all the primary segments of mortgage lending, today we’re reaching another milestone by streamlining the verification of assets, income, and employment into a one-touch, GSE-accepted experience. I’m excited to introduce Finicity Lend’s Mortgage Verification Service (MVS), the faster, more accurate, more empowering verification experience for both lenders and borrowers.

What Is MVS?

Mortgage lending underwent a historic transformation in 2020. Problems that had been minor cracks in the mortgage lending experience became chasms as lenders had to rapidly adapt to physically-distanced workflows. But despite the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuing economic fallout, and record-breaking volume—which, while temporarily obscuring them, does not eliminate the cracks—certainly accelerating the need for a new mortgage experience, that need was already apparent. 

Paper-based mortgage processes take more time—something many lenders are already lacking with today’s high volume—and they’re more prone to fraud. Slower, less streamlined solutions also reduce organizational agility, preventing lenders from keeping pace both when the market is booming and when the market again normalizes. And the high-friction paper-chases are annoying for borrowers that are already acclimated to fast, convenient, digital solutions. 

We wanted to deliver a mortgage lending experience that exceeds the expectations of today’s borrowers while also enhancing outcomes and agility for lenders and their stakeholders. That’s why we designed MVS to deliver a one-touch, GSE-accepted digital verification of assets, income, and employment. Now you can complete all necessary verifications in one seamless process. It’s a fast, secure, anytime-anywhere experience that gives the borrower control over their financial data while also providing the lender with a real-time, accurate picture of the borrower’s financial health. 

MVS is powered by Finicity’s open-banking platform. This means that mortgage lenders get access to extended lengths of real-time data, analyzed and categorized thanks to advanced data intelligence. We also assure the most accurate data and keep the consumer at the center of the data-sharing experience with clear transparency and the ability to dispute reports. Access to reliable, real-time, multi-sourced, and even cross-verified data enables the most accurate verifications, setting you on your way to get rep and warranty validation from GSEs and investors. 

And because every lending use case and process is unique, we’ve designed MVS to be flexible and accommodate everything from refinancing to new purchases, including both qualified and non-qualified mortgages. We’ve also made it easy for mortgage lenders to integrate MVS into their workflow with several flexible integration options.

All of these features come together to build a consumer-centric lending experience that improves ROI for lenders.

Why Should Lenders Use MVS?

MVS is more than a product, it’s a partnership with Finicity that enables lenders to benefit from our open banking platform and our market-leading, secure connections to financial institutions. Through those connections, lenders can get the accurate data necessary to verify assets, income, and employment, and enhance their overall decisioning and underwriting processes. And with GSEs tightening their rep and warranty relief policies due to COVID-19’s impact on consumer income and employment, lenders will need the most reliable data from the most reliable sources.

MVS enables a digital mortgage experience, allowing lenders to reap the benefits that come from digital streamlining. In fact, validating assets, income, and employment digitally can cut up to 12 days off the origination process. MVS takes digital streamlining even further by completing these verifications with only a single borrower interaction. You can then refresh those verifications at close at no cost and without reengaging the borrower. With MVS, you complete more originations in less time—time that’s crucial for lenders to remain agile in a crazy, high-volume year like this. More time opens room for more originations and more commission.

The convenience of digital verifications and the simple, streamlined consumer permissioning process also enhances the lending experience for borrowers and helps them leave more satisfied and more likely to refer their lender to friends and family. MVS’s seamless and customer-centric digital experience enables lenders to distinguish themselves, especially against digital laggards, and gain a competitive edge.

We’ll also set you up for success with Finicity’s Adoption Best Practices training so you can hit the ground running and start reaping the rewards of a streamlined, digital mortgage process. 

With MVS, everybody wins. 

Don’t settle for yesterday’s mortgage lending experience. You deserve better. And so do your borrowers. Use Finicity Lend’s Mortgage Verification Service to build the foundation of your enhanced mortgage lending experience. Find out how to integrate MVS into your mortgage lending process and to learn more about how Finicity provides other mortgage solutions in prequalification, underwriting, funding enablement, secondary quality control, and servicing.