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Finicity Mourns Passing of MX Co-Founder and CTO

I am saddened today to learn that MX co-founder and CTO Brandon Dewitt passed away after a five-year battle with cancer. I’ve always enjoyed competing in the marketplace, but I’ve enjoyed the people much more. At Finicity, we have known Brandon for a long time. We enjoyed talking with him about his unique entrepreneurial ideas […]

Why Financial Data Aggregators Should Comply with FCRA Requirements

Consumers can leverage their financial data to improve their financial health, gain access to financial services, and enhance control over their finances. In order to benefit from these financial outcomes, consumers provide access to their financial data to end users through data access providers. If data access providers truly want to empower consumers, they must […]

The Most Important Milestones

Goodbye to My Friend Lila Fakhraie A career path is marked by many milestones. Great successes, sometimes failures. However, as I look back on my path, the most important aspect is not the milestones, but the people – friends – I’ve been blessed to walk it with.  Today is a day of sadness and gratitude, […]

Developing a Meaningful Company Culture

As a CEO, there is truly nothing better than learning that your team members are inspired and motivated by their work. To know that my colleagues feel validated and that they look forward to walking through Finicity’s doors every day is exceptionally meaningful. So I was completely delighted to learn that Finicity earned a place […]

Finicity mourns passing of Envestnet CEO and wife

I am saddened today at the news of the passing of Jud Bergman and his wife Mary Miller-Bergman in a tragic car accident in San Francisco.  Jud was an early innovator in the consumer-permissioned financial data space and helped build Envestnet into what it is today serving thousands of financial advisors and millions of consumers. […]

The Empowered Consumer and the Future for Financial Data

At Finicity, one of our catchphrases is, “better data, better decisions.” We know that greater access to personal financial data means improved quality of life. Today’s innovations using consumer data in the field of financial services, like those developed by Finicity, mean increased speed, convenience, and insights for individuals, families and organizations tomorrow. Their resources […]

What does a truly empowered consumer look like?

If we’re serious about empowering consumers, we have to commit to putting tools and products in the hands of all consumers. It’s not enough to cater to consumers that are already in the know, who already take advantage of digital solutions to enhance their financial lives. Empowering consumers has to be about delivering simple products […]

Driving Financial Wellness with Data

From choosing a restaurant to finding that next vacation destination, data plays a significant role in everyday decision making. The same should hold true when it comes to daily finances. To better understand whether data is being used to improve financial wellbeing, we surveyed 1,500 consumers on their various financial habits. Respondents were evenly distributed […]

Mortgage Lending is Experiencing a Revolution

The past several years have seen digital transformation revolutionize consumer choice across virtually every industry. And in many cases, that choice has anointed new victors, such as Netflix, AirBNB, Uber, and left many vanquished or significantly diminished.  The speed at which the transformation can occur is truly astounding. Did Netflix become the world’s largest movie […]