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Balance Insights for Money Movement

You need to move money, but with that comes risk. How do you know a customer has enough funds available in their account? The answer: balance checks. With balance checks, you can guarantee that a customer has sufficient funds to facilitate confident money movement. And with live balance checks, you can get the most accurate, […]


How the Nacha WEB Debit Rule Affects Your Organization

Whether your company uses direct deposit or other direct payments through the ACH network, you’re likely leveraging WEB debit transfers in some way. And if you’re using WEB debits, you should be adhering to Nacha’s WEB debit rule. Doing so will not only keep you on good terms with Nacha, but it’s also an opportunity […]

What Is ACH? 6 Fundamentals to Get You Started

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers may feel like one of those invisible processes that go largely unnoticed yet have become essential to everyday life, especially in business. When you received your last paycheck through direct deposit to your bank account, that was made possible through an ACH transfer. When you paid your utility bill directly […]