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How Payroll Providers Benefit from Connecting to Open Banking Platforms

On a daily basis, payroll providers solve many of the pain points faced by HR teams. For example, payroll solutions save employers time and resources and deliver valuable services that enhance the employee experience.  However, by leveraging their valuable data in new ways, payroll providers have the ability to deliver income and employment verification solutions […]

Finicity Leadership in Direct Data Access Agreements Continues Toward 80% Coverage by Year End

Open banking is rapidly growing and responding to the call for greater consumer empowerment,  giving people and businesses across the globe easy and secure access to their financial data so they can better manage their money, secure loans, and make payments. Finicity’s connections cover 95% of direct deposit accounts in North America. Today, our signed […]

Finicity Strengthens Data Access Agreements with Partnerships from Leading, National Financial Institutions

Data has driven incredible improvements in the way people have experienced financial services over the last decade. Services that once could only be done at bank branches can now be easily accessed online. And people now have powerful financial information, products, and management tools at their fingertips via their mobile devices.  The expansion of open […]

How Open Banking Can Enable Payroll Data Access—the Right Way

Payroll data is a tremendous resource upon which fintechs and financial services providers can build better experiences for consumers and, at the same time, enable consumers to benefit more from their financial data. But enabling access to payroll data isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. And we can’t build better experiences without a simple […]

Pioneering Data Sharing Standards with U.S. Bank

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo once said, “Innovation is the calling card of the future.” Finicity operates with a similar eye to the future, each new data solution taking us closer to the future that we imagine. Our vision includes truly empowered consumers with full control over their personal data and common data sharing standards that facilitate […]