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Bloomberg Law: CFPB’S Open Banking Rulemaking Muddled by Dated Finance Laws

Bloomberg Law discusses the expectations that the CFPB should create regulations for consumers’ safe sharing of their bank data with finance apps. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has to decide how to apply dated consumer finance laws—aimed at protecting consumers from data breaches, flawed credit reports, and fraudulent transactions—to the new world of open banking. […]

4 Common Barriers to Successful Digital Mortgage Adoption

2020 accelerated the adoption of many remote and digital solutions across nearly every industry. And while mortgage lending has some catch-up to play relative to some other industries in adopting digital solutions, change is happening, and it’s happening fast. Even if you’re not adopting digital mortgage solutions, many of your competitors are.  But digital adoption […]

Finicity Releases Comprehensive Mortgage Verification Service for Simpler, Faster Borrowing Experience

One-touch, GSE-accepted verification of assets, income and employment reduces loan process by up to 12 days SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – February 25, 2021 – Finicity, a Mastercard company and leading provider of open banking solutions, today announced its one-touch Mortgage Verification Service (MVS), enabling lenders to provide the simple, easy experience that today’s consumers […]