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Open banking
+ identity

Consumers should never have to choose between convenience and security, especially when it comes to their personal identities and financial data. Account takeover and synthetic fraud are on the rise and enhanced, comprehensive solutions are needed to ward off the bad actors.

Fighting fraud with data

Open banking + digital identity: Stronger together in the fight against fraud covers what’s happening in today’s digital economy and the tools we have to mitigate fraud risk and identify fraudulent activity before it becomes a problem. You’ll read about how open banking data combined with identity data forms a powerful combo against account takeover and synthetic fraud.

In this ebook you’ll learn more about:

  • Types of identity fraud
  • Uncertainty in a growing digital economy
  • Rules-based pattern recognition
  • Comprehensive solutions for all types of identity fraud
  • Identity Validation, Device Recognition and Account Owner Verification

Certain open banking solutions are provided by Finicity, a Mastercard company.