Finicity is part of the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform provides the financial data you need.

Open Banking

The Best Data Deserves the Best Experience

Getting access to the best data for your unique use-case starts with having the best developer experience. Starting to code to endpoints, testing data and making sure you’re getting the best data for your needs is key to a developer experience that makes using Finicity’s consumer-permissioned data simple, provides the needed data after a quick integration and can help you build your customers’ data into your product.

Finicity’s current developer experience is designed with industry best practices to ensure your innovations can connect the most consumers to their financial institutions in the US and Canada.

Get Started
Our get started experience walks you through how to set up a connection for the first time.

It makes it easier to jump right into Finicity’s APIs, understand how our APIs work, how they interface with Connect and it’s waiting for you once you sign up and get started.

API Reference
When you’re ready to get into the details, we’ve provided everything you’d need in our API Reference section. This includes API specs, code examples, response types, models, the option for different code examples, a “Try It Out” feature, and customized code snippets that you can download.

Everything in One Place
For all of the documentation and details provided, we’ve made it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, kept it easy on the eyes and made it responsive so it matches what you’re looking for and how you develop.
Documents are now more scannable, skimmable and consumable from the dropdown menu to the last section of one of our guides. If you’re also looking to manage your account with Finicity usage and billing are still included all in the same place so you’re never too far away from the key details you need.

Start Developing
You can integrate to Finicity APIs today. If you haven’t previously, you can sign up for our developer portal or you can check out our documentation on its own.