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Open Banking

Working Together to Strengthen Data Sharing

One of the most notable trends in consumer empowerment is their ability to access and use their financial data. Like large enterprises, consumers can benefit from their ‘big data’ to improve their lives and achieve their financial goals. Key to this is enabling simple and secure access to and permissioned use of their data.

Today, Finicity continued its market leadership in providing such access by signing a data sharing agreement with TD Bank. As an open banking vanguard, Finicity is bringing to market direct data access connections with many of the largest financial institutions, and in launching these open API connections it is building a consumer-centric, high-quality data access platform.

TD Bank joins a growing list of major financial institutions Finicity is working with to further empower consumers. Just a few of these agreements include:[av_one_half first av_uid=’av-3uetue’]Chase
Wells Fargo
Capital One[/av_one_half]

[av_one_half av_uid=’av-36srzq’]USAA
US Bank[/av_one_half]


Finicity’s open banking platform offers direct connectivity to thousands of North American banks through next-generation API connections to ensure seamless access to consumer-permissioned data. Open banking is providing consumers with the access, control, transparency and security of their financial data needed to power a wide variety of financial experiences, from budgeting to payments to lending and more. Finicity’s open banking platform not only enables fintech innovation but it is meaningfully transforming consumer financial literacy, management and inclusion. 

As new technologies, use cases and data science applications continue to evolve, open APIs will be the standard for banks, fintechs and consumers to get the data they need. Finicity anticipated this need in the industry and helped create the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), which TD Bank is also a founding member. The result is the industry coming together to standardize data sharing with the FDX API. 

We appreciate the partnership with TD Bank and our common vision of enabling experiences that empower individuals, families and businesses to better financial outcomes.

Read more about our agreement here.