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Showcasing our verification solutions

At the end of April, Nick Thomas, Finicity’s President of Data Services, and Jessie Morris, our Software Development Director, presented at FinovateSpring 2017, one of the most prestigious events in the Fintech calendar held at the heart of the tech scene in Silicon Valley.

Finovate showcases the latest in banking and financial technology innovation, with presenters demoing their product before an audience of around a thousand venture capitalists, journalists and execs representing some of the biggest names in financial services like American Express, Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae.

Each presenter gets just seven minutes to convey the key benefits offered by their product. As you’ll see from the video below, Nick and Jessie did a great job showing how Finicity’s Verification of Income and Assets solution transforms the experience of applying for a mortgage, making the process quick and painless for borrowers and lenders.

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