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Finicity broadens access to VoA reports

By Sid Thomson, VP of Product

At Finicity, we’ve been amazed at the positive response to our digitizing the verification process through our asset and income reports. After all, who doesn’t want to move away from the days of phone calls and emails to chase down statements and documents needed for verification.

Today we announced Finicity Reports, a standalone web solution that is easy to manage and can work for lenders of any size. This online portal broadens access to our verification of assets reports in cases where a lender may not be using automated tools that integrate our reports or where it fits better within their process.


Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty™

You’ll get more than just a streamlined, digital verification process with Finicity Reports. You’ll also receive the added benefit of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty™. Finicity is now an authorized integrated vendor for asset verification reports within Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) tool.

Day 1 Certainty gives lenders freedom from representations and warranties by validating loan data upfront. Now you can better manage your risk and streamline your lending process.


A Faster, More Accurate Experience

With Finicity Reports, you easily request and manage your verification reports.  Once you initiate a new report, an email – with your brand – is automatically sent to your customer.  This  email provides a path for the borrower to quickly and securely connect with their financial institutions, identify financial accounts and permission access to data. Those few steps – can be repeated for as many institutions and accounts as they have or you need.

Once they’re done, Finicity Reports uses your customer’s permissioned financial data and creates a verification report. If you need it updated, you can refresh it later with the click of a button. You don’t have to wait for the new month’s bank statement any longer or make an additional request.


Secure and Consumer Oriented

Privacy and security are very important to us. All data and interactions are protected by bank-level security.  As a matter of fact, we are routinely audited by many of the largest and most stringent financial institutions.

If you have to deny your customer for any reason found in their verification report, Finicity is set up to deal with the dispute since we’re also a Consumer Reporting Agency. We have adopted policies and procedures for fair and accurate reports, the timely resolution of disputes and the safe and reliable storage of verification reports.


Learn More

Finicity Reports will be directly accessible at later this month. In the meantime, get to know Finicity Reports better with our Frictionless Lending whitepaper and Finicity Reports brochure.

Finicity demoed Finicity Reports at this past Finovate Fall in New York,  Sept. 11-15. For a taste of how Finicity Reports can improve your lending process, watch the video below: