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Ellie Mae Encompass and Consumer Connect Integration Now Live

Finicity is pleased to announce that our Verification of Assets (VOA) integration is now live in the Ellie Mae Encompass Digital Lending Platform and in Encompass Consumer Connect. Both solutions now include Finicity’s VOA reports that can be delivered to the borrower in an email flow or as part of an uninterrupted web workflow.

Our VOA report provides bank-validated insight into a borrower’s current financial assets. It’s a natural addition to the Ellie Mae suite of tools. Within Encompass or Consumer Connect, borrowers identify their chosen accounts and permission access for a review of their balance data. We rapidly generate a thorough report with detailed asset information mapping it to the 1003 application in Encompass. What has traditionally been a manual process overly burdened by paperwork can now be completed in minutes in a streamlined digital experience. 

In the Ellie Mae Encompass Digital Lending Platform digital verification helps loan officers close more loans, streamline their workflow, and save an average of $813 per loan. Encompass provides everything loan officers need all in one place, including digital verification of assets. 

On the consumer-facing side, Encompass Consumer Connect makes it easy for borrowers to complete their online mortgage application. They can chat with their loan officer, upload files, and sign documents with total convenience and security. This consumer portal gives borrowers more control than ever before. They can run their own credit reports, get their online verification of assets report, and eSign all necessary documentation. 

So what will this new integration deliver?

Superior Data Quality – Encompass and Consumer Connect users will now have access to best-in-class financial data, all permissioned by borrowers and delivered in a clear, accessible format for asset verification. 

Optimal Experience for Loan Officers – Everything loan officers need to optimize their workflows. Streamlined integration, fully automated workflow, all within the LOS they already use.

Convenient Experience for Borrowers – It doesn’t get any easier than this. Paperless, an intuitive user interface, and consumer control and access. All packaged in a completely digital experience with your brand front and center. 

Efficiency that Drives Revenue – A streamlined, automated verification that maps data directly into the 1003 application means faster closing times and more loans closed. Our VOA shortens the application process by as many as 6 days. And that means increased revenue potential.