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Finicity named a 2018 CFSI Financial Health Leader

The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) named Finicity one of its 2018 Financial Health Leaders. Financial Health Leaders are organizations in the CFSI Financial Health Network who are at the forefront of measuring financial health and then show their commitment to consumer financial health by taking steps to measure and improve the financial health of their customers, employees, or clients.

Finicity is honored to be included alongside other banks, credit unions, fintechs and non-profits in improving financial health through measurement, tracking, and other initiatives.

Helping improve the budgeting habits of individuals and families is what got Finicity started in financial data aggregation. As Finicity has grown into a leading financial data aggregator and intelligent insights provider, the bigger picture of the usefulness of personal financial data and securing personal financial data has taken on an even greater role in our mission.

Finicity provides consumer-permissioned data from thousands of financial institutions to be used in ways customers choose. From connecting users to any number of third-party financial apps to creating loan origination documents directly from bank-validated data, Finicity empowers consumers to improve their financial lives and organizations to improve their financial decisions.

Transforming financial experiences through technology has always been important to us. We believe it can greatly improve financial understanding and help people meet personal and business goals.  Receiving recognition for our efforts from CFSI is rewarding, but impacting the lives of our customers is truly the best.

So, while our solutions have expanded, our mission has remained constant – we work to provide data-driven insights so individuals, families and organizations can make smarter financial decisions.

We love working with consumers on their financial fitness through Mvelopes and its range of services. In addition to the budgeting app, Mvelopes provides educational content, debt elimination tools, and the guidance of a personal finance trainer to help consumers plan, budget, and track their progress while decreasing financial stress and increasing healthy financial communication.

We look forward to working with CFSI and other Financial Health Leaders to continue helping anyone who wants to or needs to improve their financial wellness.