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How Finicity’s Flexible Mortgage Verification Service Simplifies Mortgage Lending Verifications

The traditional mortgage process can feel cumbersome to borrowers and loan officers, especially when the digital solutions dominating our lives have us accustomed to fast, convenient, and simple processes. Slow and complex mortgage workflows are more than inconvenient and unfortunately all too common. They require input at every step, back and forth between multiple partners […]

Finicity Pay™ for Faster Payments, Instant Account Verification, Less Fraud

I’m very excited to announce the newest addition to our open banking platform: Finicity Pay™, an integrated solution set that enables payments, account creation, and fraud mitigation.  The move to digital continues to accelerate in the payment industry. Banks and fintechs are under pressure to transform processes across the payments ecosystem. They need to process […]

Finicity Announces Finicity Lend™ to Further Open Banking, Credit-Decisioning

Today, we at Finicity are  pleased to announce the launch of Finicity Lend™, which brings in several new data services and capabilities to the Finicity open banking platform, creating a more expansive, integrated solution. This solution set enhances the current credit review system while also leveraging the tremendous advantages of open banking and consumer-permissioned financial […]

A Seismic Shift in Credit Scoring

Consumers are more empowered to shape their lives and lifestyles using a vast array of digital tools that are now available at the tap of their phone screens. While digital tools and solutions have made it possible for consumers to be better informed about their credit scores and profiles, they haven’t been able to directly […]